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Publication Date:
12th October 1985


ART OF NOISE, who began life as part-band, part figment of Paul Morley's imagination and Trevor Horn's studio deskwork, have gone into the Guiness Book Of Records as the first outfit to ditch ZTT.
There was a dust-up some months ago, when band members J.J.Jeczalik, Dudley and langan, issued a writ against the one-time Buggle and the PM of prose, preventing the duo from using the AON moniker.
Now, JJ and his merry, mega-musak makers have moved to the Chrysalis-distributed China label, initially concocting a single for October release, which - being aware of ZTT but not, it seems ZZT - they've unfortunately titled 'Legs'.
AON now claim that they're happy to be done with all the Morley mauling and what they term: "big personality clashes'. Trev and Paulie, in the meantime, have changed the name of their musical brainchild to Art And Act and claim that they'll soon be chart-challenging with a ditty of their own, an electronic knees-up known as 'A Barrel Of Laughs'.
Acording to a Morley-penned handout: "Members of Art Of Noise who aided on the musical side of Horn and Morley's swindling, mediating project, have now decided that they are competent enough to pursue a conventional rock career." 

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