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Circa January 1985


THE ART OF NOISE are currently in the studio finishing off a follow-up to “Close (To The Edit)”. The new single, “Moments In Love”, should be out shortly. In the meantime a cassette, “That Was Close”, is out this week from ZTT. It tells the story of “Close (To The Edit)”.
Other ZTT news: Propaganda have just finished their first LP, and it includes a new version of their hit, “Dr Mabuse”. The album, “A Secret Wish”, also features “The Last Word”, “The Murder Of Love”, “Dream Within A Dream”, Josef K’s “Sorry For Laughing” and the group’s next single, “P-Machinery”.
New signings on ZTT include Andrew Poppy, Anne Pigalle and Instinct. Vinyl offerings from all these are on the way.

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