Lloyd Bradley

Publication Date:
October 1987


In No Sense? Nonsense

The Art Of Noise's main fault is that they are not really very entertaining. Who's Afraid Of had the shock value to fool people it was better than it was - play it tomorrow and see what you think now - but there's been so little progression between then and In No Sense, that their vaunted 'pushing back the barriers' looks like briefly moving the goalposts. Dragnet, a recent single, is joined by A Day At The Races and How Rapid as adventures in beats that have no understanding of rhythm. Other tracks include a percussion and wailing guitar chase, snatches of the Ely Cathedral Choir, 10 seconds of passing pedestrians recorded in an underpass somewhere and several snippets of New Agey clonking and banking. It's all excellently recorded, but comes over like the sort of thing hi-fi buffs use to listen to their very expensive equipment. **
Lloyd Bradley

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