Smash Hits
Peter Martin

Publication Date:
31st March 1984


Please could you tell me all the groups Trevor Horn has produced? Also I’d like to know something about his record company Zang Tuum Tumb?
Brian Henrico Almazan, St. Albans.
Trevor’s produced (deep breath) Buggles, Dollar, Spandau Ballet, Foreigner, Yes, Malcolm McLaren, The Art Of Noise, Propaganda and, last but not least, Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The last three, of course, are all signed to Zang Tuum Tumb of which he’s a director along with his wife Jill Sinclair and ex-music writer Paul Morley. According to an official ZTT memo, “officially, or at least apparently, ZTT have released five records in the UK: three on its original Action Series and two on its Derivative Incidental Series”. It goes on to explain that “ZTT’s business is The Puzzle not the explanation. This may be more to do with laziness than obstinacy: who knows?” More to the point, who cares? The label’s catchphrases include ‘Be Happy Or Die’, ‘Why Should We Lie?’, ‘Everything Of Intensest Significance’ and ‘Blessed Are The Noisemakers’ and we have grounds to believe that everyone involved in the venture is either partly or completely bonkers.

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