Publication Date:
Circa November 1984



XTC: This World Over (Virgin)
THE ART OF NOISE: A Time To Hear (Who's Listening) (ZTT)
THE FLYING LIZARDS: Dizzy Mist Lizzy (Stalik)
SHRIEKBACK: Mercy Dash (Atists)
"I want to talk to you of art. Life is an obscure hobo bumming a lift on the omnibus of art." That comment from a beatnik in the Roger Corman film Bucket Of Blood simply cannot be improved upon, eh? XTC know this. They've produced some modest, ambient stuff and the package of the week, a string of identical postcards with greetings from the world's capital cities.
The ZTT mob have produced a hmm, interesting, noise mix with more mildy pretentious meaningless messages and coy nonsense - one of the charming but mildly eccentric Morleys has something to do with this. ZTT are obscure hobos bumming a lift on the omnibus of the special offer, as the single gives you 50p off the LP. What's the fuss about?

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