Smash Hits
Sylvia Patterson

Publication Date:
Circa April 1986


ART OF NOISE: In Visible Silence (China)
Listening to this LP you have a vision of The Art Of Noise leaping on and off mixing desks, poking at buttons, pulling at any lever that looks remotely interesting and then sitting back gleefully to hear what "emerges". What does "emerge", then, is a well incomprehensible "chant" followed by the pilfered backing track to the Star Trek theme tune, lots of throaty "wind"-type noises, some pretty xylophones, a sad Piano and loads of "heart-stopping" orchestral blasts a la James Bond. The single "Peter Gunn" comes closest to a "normal tune" — the rest comes straight out of Spooksville and at the very least is unpredictable. Boring this is not. (7 out of I0)
Sylvia Patterson

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