Chrome Cassette
China Records
Catalogue Number:
837 367-4
Noise Reduction:
Dolby System
Australian Rel. Date:
February 1989
New Zealand Rel. Date:
April 1989
This Compilation
1988 China Records Ltd.
1988 China Records Ltd.
First Published
1988 in the UK
Made in
Marketed in Australasia by
PolyGram Records
under exclusive licence


A1.  OPUS 4 [2:00]
A2.  BEAT BOX (Diversion One) [8:33]
A3.  MOMENTS IN LOVE (Beaten) [7:00]
A4.  CLOSE (TO THE EDIT) [5:37]
A5.  PETER GUNN (The Twang Mix) (featuring Duane Eddy) [7:28]
B1.  PARANOIMIA (Extended Version) (featuring Max Headroom) [6:40]
B2.  LEGACY (Extended Version) [8:20]
B3.  DRAGNET '88 (12" Mix) [7:15]
B4.  KISS (The Art of Noise Remix) (featuring Tom Jones) [8:09]
A1, B1. Composed by Dudley/Jeczalik/LanganPublished by Intersong/Control
A2, A3, A4. Composed by Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley Pubished by Essex/Intersong
A5. Composed by Mancini Published by BMG
B2. Composed by Dudley/Jeczalik/LanganPublished by Control
B3. Composed Schumann Published by Control
B4. Composed by Prince Published by Control
B5. Composed by Dudley/Jeczalik/Langan Published by MMA
Produced and arranged by The Art of Noise: Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan
except A2, A3, A4. Produced and arranged by The Art of Noise:
Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan, Trevor Horn, Paul Morley
B3, B4. Produced and arranged by The Art of Noise: Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik
A1, A5, B1, B2, B5.  1986 China Records Ltd.  A2. 1983 Zang Tuum Tumb.
A3, A4. 1984 Zang Tuum Tumb.  B3, B4. 1988 China Records Ltd.
Original Sound Recording made by China Records Ltd.
except A2, A3, A4. under license from Zang Tuum Tumb/Island.
Curator's Notes:
Beat Box (Diversion One) is not the original 12" mix, but an exclusive version to this release as it uses the short intro from the 7" version (Beat Box (Diversion Six) aka Beat Box (Diversion Ten)), although the track is exactly the same length as the 12". Beat Box (Diversion One) is listed as Beatbox (Diversion One) and Beatbox [outer inlay]; Moments In Love (Beaten) as Moments In Love; Close (To The Edit) as Close (To The Edit) 12" Extended [inner inlay]; Peter Gunn (The Twang Mix) as Peter Gunn [label & outer inlay]; Paranoimia (Extended Version) as Paranoimia and Paranoimia 12" Extended [inner inlay]; Legacy (Extended Version) as Legacy and Legacy 12" Extended [inner inlay]; Dragnet '88 (12" Mix) as Dragnet '88 and Dragnet '88 12" Extended [inner inlay; Kiss (AON Mix) as Kiss and Kiss (The Art of Noise Mix) [inner inlay]. The version of Dragnet '88 on this format is also known as Dragnet (Art of Noise '88 12" Mix). Kiss (AON Mix) / Kiss (The Art of Noise Mix) appears as Kiss (The Art of Noise Remix) on other releases.
3, 4 are listed as solely produced and arranged by Trevor Horn. The composers credits for Paranoimia incorrectly state Dudley/Jeczalik instead of Dudley/Jeczalik/Langan as the writer
Label Details


Australasian Chart Statistics
New Zealand
Highest Chart Position: 48
Highest Chart Position: 45
Weeks on Chart: 1
Weeks on Chart: 1
12th February 1989 New Entry
23rd April 1989
New Entry

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