The latest addition to ZTT/Salvo's Element Series (Element 16) is the first of Art of Noise's Deluxe Edition re-issues. Into Battle With The Art Of Noise was never an album, until now! The original was an extended play 12" with a shorter play on cassette, that replaced the full ten minute version of Moments In Love with a five minute edit.

This 2011 compilation includes the aforementioned cassette version with Worship, the original unreleased debut album, that would later get re-worked and released as Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise.
Along with being both an alternative to the 1986 CD compilation "daft"  and a condensed version of the 2006 box set And What Have You Done With My Body, God?. Into Battle... acts as episode one in an Art of Noise reboot series of albums.

As a fan I never really felt that "daft" worked as the tracks taken from Into Battle... didn't really fit that well together with the material taken from Who's Afraid Of... as the latter was a more structured body of work. This CD hits the mark with all of the tracks blending in perfectly together, giving the listener a chance to hear what Art of Noise may have sounded like if they hadn't have restructed the material for their released debut long player.

After 27 years, fans can now get to listen to the original "lost" version of what many call the definitive Art of Noise album!
- KM Whitehouse, March 2011
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