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Publication Date:
4th May 1985


ZANG TUUM TUMB have now confirmed plans for the London season which will showcase several of the acts on the label's roster. As reported by NME in March, it goes underthe banner of 'The Value Of Entertainment' and, In fact, features five acts-which Is virtually ZTT's entire complement, apart from FGTH. Those Involved are The Art Of Noise, Propaganda, Instinct, Andrew Poppy and Anne Pigalle.
The venue is the Ambassadors Theatre, just off Charing Cross Road, and the home of the long-running thriller The Mousetrap for many years. The season runs over 12 nights from 20 May to 1 June - excluding the Sunday (26), but including extra 5pm performances on the two Saturdays. The normal evening shows are at 8pm. Tickets are priced £6, £4 and £3, and are available now from the theatre box-office and usual agencies.
Actor John Sessions will host the event during the second week of its run, though the first week's host is still undecided -but a short list of possibilities includes Rory Gallagher and Billy Bremner. As for their motives in putting on the season, ZTT explain in their usual loquacious style: "For two weeks at the end of May there'll be somewhere to go in London - to check up, pick up, play down, join in. That's value!"
By the way, the accompanying picture is of The Art Of Noise (it says here).

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