In Visible Silence: 30th Anniversary Questionnaire Answers (Generic version)

Throughout 2016, fans of the Art of Noise were asked to take part in a questionnaire to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the groups best selling album to date.
Below are the top 20 answers to questions asked.

What is your favourite China Records album and in your opinion is the best track on it?
  • Album: In Visible Silence
  • Track: Camilla The Old, Old Story
Choose one or more tracks from "In Visible Silence", "In•No•Sense? Nonsense!"
and "Below The Waste" that you would have liked to have seen put out as a single?
  • Camilla The Old, Old Story
  • from In Visible Silence
What is your beloved single and mix?
  • Single: Legs
  • Mix (Free-way tie): 7" version / Inside Leg Mix / Last Leg Mix
What is your favourite B-side?
  • Hoops and Mallets
What is your favourite promo video?
  • Paranoimia (with Max Headroom)
Please tell us what is the best sleeve design?
  • In Visible Silence
2015 saw the re-release of the three China Records albums as digital downloads,
do you prefer that format to Compact Discs and vinyl?
  • No
What version of "The Best Of The Art Of Noise" do you favour most,
blue (1988) or pink (1992)?
  • Blue
Out of the three remix albums, which one was the best: “The Ambient Collection”,
“The FON Mixes” or “The Drum & Bass Collection”
or did you feel that they were a bad idea?
  • The Ambient Collection
If you were asked to create a new remix album?
  • JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan, Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn.
Who was your favourite guest artist that appeared with the Art of Noise between 1986-1989 Duane Eddy, Max Headroom, Tom Jones, Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens?
  • Max Headroom
Have you got any music by that artist, if so what single or album do you own?
  • The majority of people said No
Which is your favourite album, “(Who’s Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!”
or “The Seduction Of Claude Debussy”?
  • (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!
What is your prized ZTT single and mix?
  • Moments In Love (Beaten)
Choose your favoured video from those periods?
  • Close (To The Edit) (version 2) tied with (version 1)
Tell us your favourite quote or Morley-ism and favourite sleeve?
  • Quote/Morley-sim: "elephants are very big"

  • Sleeve: (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!
What is your favourite Element Series deluxe edition release?
  • Influence
Which do you regard as the best live video “In Visible Silence” or “Into Vision”?
  • In Visible Silence
Have you ever met a member of the Art of Noise, if so, where and when?
  • The majority of people said No
Do you own any albums by Art of Silence; The Buggles; Anne Dudley; Infantjoy;
The Producers?
  • Anne Dudley
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